Five Tricks Of Playing Golf Game


How do you become a good golf player? You must follow some strategies to make golf more enjoyable and win in the game. You should use the club to increase its design techniques.

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The five important tricks you should follow when playing the game are explained below.

Most common mistake newbie’s do is the wrong alignment. Some players think that they must align their feet at the target and some others position their shoulders parallel to it. Some others believe that they should align the entire thing at the target. All of them are wrong. The correct method of alignment is you should evaluate the target at the back of the ball. It facilitates you to get the complete perspective of the hole and support your target right.

Now you have learned the correct clubface alignment, then you want to understand how to position your remaining body. Some people align their body directly towards the target, but it rarely works. Position your body left of the target line, then experiment different methods and picks the best method that works for you.

The second tip is you must pick the right golf club. The amateurs normally pick shorter clubs for short holes and longer clubs for longer holes. But only the experienced golfers know what club suits for the game. When choosing the right club, you must also consider the wind, natural short tendencies, hazards, and any other hidden dangers in the landing areas. In new groove rules, striking the fairway is considered very crucial than before.

You might think that based on the club the stance alters. But it is not true. When you plan to full shots, retaining a constant stance is tough to become a good ball striker.

Next, you should maintain a good grip. First, you must wear gloves and grip the club using gloved hands and ensure whether the handle’s placement in your fingers between your palm and first knuckle. Index and thumb fingers of both of you hands appear in the shape of Vs and it should point somewhere towards your right shoulder or right chest. You must follow this tip to get a solid grip.

The amateur players worry about playing the game in wind but the experienced players make wind as an advantage for their game. For example, the best golf players know how the wind modifies even their normal shot like fade, draw or any other. You must also aware that when striking the ball in wind, you don’t want to swing with greater force regardless in whatever direction the wind blow. You must accept the wind and never combat with it when striking.

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