Key Points To Focus On When Buying Outdoor Fabrics


Outdoor is the best place to sit and enjoy on warm evenings and you must consider three important things when planning to buy outdoor cushions. The factors to be considered are fabric, foam and base of cushion. When buying outdoor fabrics, you must know about all these things.

There are different types of fabric materials available. One important term you must be aware of is solution dyed. This means that before the fabric is woven, the fibers are dyed in the color solution. The fibers are not printed after the base cloth is produced. You can choose 100% acrylic fabrics which are best for outdoor furniture since they are water resistant and the colors of the fabric are retained for longer period. Though 100% acrylic fabric is water resistant, the drawback is it does not have bright elaborate models.

You can achieve brighter color designs by using the printing method. But this type of fabric material is spun polyester. The major demerit in this fabric is that it retains its color only for three hundred hours of UV exposure and after that it fades away completely. Many people assume that this type of fabric fades away and looks washed out after a few hours in the hot sun. However after 300 hours of UV rays the color will not disappear completely but it just fades and you can hardly notice it. You can use this fabric for furniture used in shaded environment like porch or patio.

You can use Spun polyester in the area where it is not exposed to sunlight directly. Also you can take this inside when not in use to maintain its quality. You can use this outside fabric for accents and pillows and use solution dyed acrylic for furniture that is difficult to move around and heavy to change often. It is best to store any type of outside fabric like dyed acrylic or spun polyester inside during cold and winter months so that they do not get damaged by harsh weather conditions.

Foams used in Outdoor cushions play a major role in the longevity of the cushion’s life. You can choose on the two types of foams such as Regular foam or Picture Swiss cheese.
Regular foam is largely used in sofa and chair cushions. The advantage in this type is it is easily available and affordable. The big disadvantage in regular foam is retention of water on it during rainy days. You must bring the furniture inside your home or otherwise water enters inside the fabric and molds form in the fabric.
Picture Swiss cheese has holes in the foam that prevents water from retaining in the foam and make it run though the foam. It is very expensive than regular foam. It is best to purchase this foam only when you keep your furniture outside throughout the summer and wet season.

Also you must know about the base of the cushion in your furniture. If the cushion base is solid then it allows water to settle in the cushion and damages your furniture. You must ensure that the cushion is woven or slating type that never permits the water to sit and allows the water to run freely throughout the cushion and also dries the cushion easily after being exposed to showers.

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